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Attacks 101

Basics of Attacking





You may be questioning yourself why am I killing loads of troops, but my kill count is not increasing?


Why do I end up with much lower resources after an attack, than my scout reports indicated?


I have therefore put together this beginners guide to attacking bases in Mobile Strike, which covers the very basics to attacking other players.


How do I Attack a Player?


The short answer is:- you train some troops, click on a player, send your troops and wait for your battle report to come in! However, going in blind is not a good strategy and will most likely result in significant losses.

Before you attack anyone, you need to research scouting as high as possible for your level and learn how to interpret scout reports. You should scout every player you plan to attack first and use your scout report to assess what you are up against. You can also use scout reports to find out how many resources a player has.


Level 4 scouting will provide you with an approximate number of defending troops and their type. You can use this as a rough guide to compare your army, to your opponents. Use our troop tier and type guide to work out how to compare different tiers.


You should also look at the power of your attacker compared to your own.  The higher the power differential between yourself and your opponent, the greater the chance they will have better troop research and a higher level, better equipped commander. This is important as troop boosts can significantly increase an armies strength, making it harder to directly compare troop numbers and tiers.

Check List Before Attacking


Okay, so scouting is essential before attacking another player, but you also need to make sure you are ready for battle, before sending in your deployment. Below is a list of the very basics you should do before you send out your attack force:-


Make sure you are actually allowed to attack your target. Ask yourself the following questions: Are they allied with your alliance? Do you have an NAP active? Is your targets Alliance, or their allies stronger than yours? Do you need rank 4 permission? If in doubt ask your alliance!


Your commander should always be present in an attack. Don’t forget to add him!


Make sure your commander is specced for battle (left hand side of the skill tree). Concentrate on maxing troop attack skills. Respec if necessary.


Check your opponents commander level and gear.

Make sure you have your battle gear equipped before you attack.


Activate a temporary attack boost.


Finally, remember that any of your troops killed outside of your base will die permanently and cannot be revived.


Why is my Kill Count not Increasing?


You can only increase your kill count from actual kills and not by hospitalizing troops. If you are winning lots of battles and appear to be racking up a load of kills, but your kill count is not increasing, chances are most of the players you are attacking have a decent hospital capacity.


Whilst scouting a base will tell you the number of troops and traps present, it won’t tell you the number of hospital beds a player has. In the early levels it is very easy to cover all of your troops with hospital beds. An attack on a player’s base with more hospital beds, than troops present, can never result in any actual kills for you.


You can check if this is happening to you in your battle report, which will be mailed to you after the attack. Checking the detailed report which will tell you how many of the opponents troops were hospitalized, or killed.


The best way to get guaranteed kills is during a state vs state kill event, by attacking players out farming on tiles. Any players killed on tiles will always result in a 100% kill count increase.


Tip: Please note that you should generally not tile hit in your own state. Tile hitting outside of state v state is normally considered very bad form and will probably result in repercussions!


Why do I only Receive Coin after an Attack?


A common question by new players after their first few attacks, is why they received no resources, except for coin. There are a couple of reasons for this, the main one is due to your targets Warehouse level. The warehouse protects a certain level of resources from an attacker, depending on its level. If the player’s resources are under the level protected by their warehouse, then you will receive no resources from your attack.


The exception is coin, which can’t be protected unless you have a level 21 Warehouse. If you assume that all players have a warehouse near to their HQ level, you can work out potentially how much is protected. Check out the image below for warehouse protection details at each level.


Mobile Strike Warehouse Resources


If for instance you are attacking a level 10 player, with a level 10 Warehouse, then the first 550,000 food, oil, stone and iron will be protected. You will only be able to steal amounts held above this limit.

Remember 550k is the maximum protection they can possibly have as it is not possible for a level 10 player to have a Warehouse above level 10.

Plus there’s a 30% Penalty!


After you have taken into account the player’s Warehouse level, you also need to calculate the 30% effective tax on attacks. That’s right, for every 1,000 resources stolen from a player, 300 (30%) are permanently lost in a stealthy attack tax not reported in game.


Example: the level 10 player from earlier has 650,000 iron and a level 10 Warehouse. 550,000 of their iron is protected by their Warehouse, leaving 100,000 for you to steal.  However, whilst the player will lose 100,000 iron, you will only be able to take 70,000, with the remaining 30,000 destroyed!