What is VIP? How do you get it?

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What is VIP? How do you get it?

Post#1 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:14 pm

Hi Commanders,

Alot of questions have been asked about VIP? Let me run the breakdown of this:

MobileStrikeHelp is a Non-Profit Gaming Community for MobileStrike and other similar games.

What is a VIP?

Our VIP's are Members of our community who have decided to donate $10.00 USD or more.
Without our VIPs we could not afford hosting and site maitenance.

How are they recognised:

VIPs are recognised by their Badge on the Forum and in our Team Page.

Perks of VIP?

Not only a cool badge in your profile/posts but you unlock access to our VIP part of our forum (Thats not for general audience)

Difference between Donators and VIPs:

Donators can chip in as much or as little as they like. Donators help with our ongoing costs just like vip's but Vips have a set minimum of $10.00 whilst donators can chip in as much or as less as they like.

Donators are identified in the Donors section of the User Menu (Top Right) and they are not identified in Team.

Will VIP membership be $10.00 forever?

Definately Not. This is a limited time offer where VIP membership will go up as it is a one off fee.
Eventually we may introduce monthly VIP donators status's etc.. Who knows but for now get them whilst they are cheap.

Where does the Money Go?

Well as we said we are not for profit. All donations will be put back in the community one way or another.
Whilst we have our yearly site management costs: Domains, Bandwidth, Hosting etc. Any additional funds will be put back into the community for example Giveaways, Competitions, Prizes, Merchandise etc..

How to you donate?

A Few ways to donate.

1st is by clicking app.php/donate .
2nd Way is to click the DONATIONS at the bottom of the forum (Toolbar)
3rd Way is by clikcing the donate button on our main site: Http://mobilestrikehelp.org (Please note this will not show up in donators)

How Long until my VIP gets activated?

Usually it takes a few days however once our team acknowledges your donation and verifies this they will apply the VIP Membership to your account.

If there is any questions or just wanted to know a little more feel free to contact one of our staff members.

- MSH Staff.

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