BLAS 116 *22*

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BLAS 116 *22*

Post#1 » Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:35 am

I hear some states have gone pretty quiet throughout MS, from players quitting, selling, starting new account s, etc. Battle ports are the way to go in that case! Scope other states out! Ask around, watch the in-game forums for events and see who's still putting up a fight!

I mean, screw it, join us in BLAS 116! We're still active and talking just as much trash as we were when we started! :twisted: Always destroying our openers in KE, taken GCP multiple times.. I mean this is where the party is at guys.

Most the players in BLAS call me dubzy but Im always changing names and keeping rally leaders guessing! :?:

I'm in *22* alliance, the most senior, biggest, baddest MFrs IN BLAS, (let another alliance say different :roll: LOL@AFO) If you think you got what it takes to hit as hard as we do, or you can trap rally leaders like it's your calling, come apply with us!

Tell em DuBZY sent you! Come see how 116 gets down!
:x "Wait WTF! No, not again!" :x
:arrow: "Nice hit. Please release?"
:!: Your commander has been executed. :lol:

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