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Website News:

Website News:    January 2017


Important Forum Update:


  • User Accounts have been migrated to forums
  • All VIPs have been assigned appropriate VIP Rank
  • Updated Staff Listings and Functionality.
  • Updated Forum Features.



Seeking Volunteers

  Volunteer Positions :

 - Assistant Webmaster/Web Design

 - Content Author & Editor

 - Forum Moderators 


Apply by Clicking Here:





MS News

Hi Commanders,


New Gear being launched is able to slice through those big 1 billion accounts.


I have seen alot of rallys lately where the new gear has sliced right through after a few rallys.

Currently I am working with the double down sets with Base Set's.


Recently Mod Sets has been added to research. I have seen accounts where they have already completed MOD Sets with Massive Bonus's but you need to roll the dice.


We wish you luck in all your set adventures.