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Website News:

Website News:    January 2017


Important Forum Update:


  • User Accounts have been migrated to forums
  • All VIPs have been assigned appropriate VIP Rank
  • Updated Staff Listings and Functionality.
  • Updated Forum Features.



Seeking Volunteers

  Volunteer Positions :

 - Assistant Webmaster/Web Design

 - Content Author & Editor

 - Forum Moderators 


Apply by Clicking Here:





MS News


Hey Generals,

Site went live 11/06

Currently we have launched:

  • Rally & Gear Training
  • Forums

More content coming soon includes:

  • Staff Articles - For Mobile Strike Tips & Tricks by our MS Help Editor
  • MS News - Which includes any MS worthy news that you shoud know.

 Bugs Fixed:

  • Registration and Other Forms unaligned.

- MS Help Webdesign Team.