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Prototype Gear Explained!

Prototype Gear



Prototype Gear is powerful but temporary. It is made of Cores and Attachments and is highly effective in a number of situations as the boosts it provides are more powerful than those of Permanent Equipment.

Cores and Attachments act like Materials in that they are the Equipment’s ingredients. Unlike Materials, each Core/Attachment has its own set of attributes the final product inherits. Players also have the freedom to mix a Core with any Attachment in the Armory for a variety of outcomes.


The Core is the base of the Equipment. It determines its type (Weapon, Helmet, Body Armor, Footwear, or Accessory) and contributes the Equipment’s fundamental qualities


Add Attachments to the Core to supply additional characteristics.


Note: once you outfit your Commander with Prototype Gear, the countdown on its timer begins. When it reaches 0, the Equipment will disappear. You can prolong the life of your Prototype Gear through Research in the Manufacturing section of the Research Facility.


Core Manufacturing Requirements


Manufacturing a Core requires a Level 10 Headquarters and the Research of Core Mastery Level 1.


To make Prototype Gear, you must combine a Core with at least 1 Attachment.


Collecting Cores and Attachments

You can find Cores and Attachments in certain Events, Rebel Targets, and Sale Bundles.


You can view the Cores and Attachments at your disposal by going to the Cores/Attachments section of the Armory. Tap a Core or Attachment to view its description and attributes. You can also discard them from this screen.


Combining Cores and Attachments

You can fuse Cores and Attachments in the Combine section of the Armory. Like Equipment, Materials, and Mods, Cores/Attachments have 6 quality types. Combining 4 Cores or Attachments of 1 quality type will produce 1 of the next tier.


When you select a Core or Attachment, you will see two options: Combine or Combine All. Pick the former to combine 4 of a quality type to produce 1 of the next tier. Pick the latter to fuse all the selected Cores/Attachments, where possible. For example, if you own 13 copies of a Level 1 Core or Attachment and choose to Combine All, 12 will merge into 3 Level 2 Cores/Attachments with a Level 1 left over.


Managing Core and Attachment Inventories


Manage your restricted Core and Attachment Inventories by going to the Prototype Gear section of the Armory. As the Cores or Attachments you collect exceed their limit, they will appear at the bottom of your inventory with a dark overlay, which means you cannot use them to Manufacture Prototype Gear. To access these Cores and Attachments, you have two courses of action.


One option is to free up inventory space. Delete unwanted Cores and Attachments or combine/use all of a specific Core or Attachment quality level from your accessible stock. This way, you can move the items at the top of your locked inventory into the accessible area.


A more direct way of obtaining a desired Core or Attachment from your locked inventory is to use a Core-Swap or Attachment-Swap Item. You can purchase these with Gold from the Special section of the Items Store or with Loyalty from the Alliance Store.

To Swap, go to the Cores/Attachments section of the Armory. Select the locked Cores/Attachments you wish to place into their respective accessible area. Tap the "Swap" button on the overlay. Select the accessible Core or Attachment you’d like to put into the locked area. Tap the "Swap" button on the overlay to use your Swap Item (if owned) or spend 800 Gold to instantly purchase and utilize the Swap Item to confirm the transaction. The chosen Core/Attachment should now be ready for Manufacturing.


Manufacturing Prototype Gear

Once you have all of the required Buildings, Research, and ingredients to Manufacture Prototype Gear, go to the Armory and select Manufacture then Prototype Gear.


Choose the Core you would like to use. You may pick from 5 different tabs based on Equipment type: Weapon, Helmet, Body Armor, Accessory, or Foot Armor. To view all the attributes in your order, tap the Core resting on the Manufacturing table at the top of the screen.


You can also view the description and characteristics of all of your Cores by tapping the "Core Stats" button in the bottom-left corner of your screen.


Switch over to the Attachments tab to select what you would like to add to your Core. You can choose from 5 different tabs based on attribute type: Attack, Defense, Troop, Economy, or Commander. Some Attachments will belong to multiple tabs as they may contain a number of attributes from different categories.


You can view the stats of all your Attachments by tapping the "Attachment Stats" button in the bottom-left corner. Touch an Attachment to add it to your order. It will appear on one of the 6 platforms under the selected Core area at the top of the screen.


To remove an Attachment from your order, simply touch its icon on one of these platforms.


To cancel your entire order, hit the "X" button above the Cores tab on the left side of the screen.

Note: initially, you can apply up to 3 Attachments to a Core. You may Research more Attachment slots (up to 6 total) in the Manufacturing section of the Research Facility.


When you are satisfied with your order, you may tap the “Instant Manufacture” button to complete the Prototype Gear immediately for Gold, or you can hit “Manufacture” to start the timer using Coin. Note: your total Coin amount is listed in the top-left corner. You can reduce the Coin cost via Research in the Manufacturing section of the Research Facility.

Once you start a Manufacturing Timer, you may Speed Up or cancel your order at the top of the screen. Warning: canceling an order will refund only 50% of the Coin cost. Cores and Attachments will be returned to your Inventory upon cancellation.


Completed Prototype Gear is available in your Armory Inventory, where you can Install Mods into it. While in the Inventory, their timers are not active until you Equip your Commander with them. Once the timer of an article of Prototype Gear expires, it will disappear. Any Mods you have Installed into it will return to your Inventory.