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Resource Information


Do you ever run out of resources? Do you not have enough? Do you have a negative food production rate? These questions occur time and time again. Many people look to hyper farming but sometimes still find themselves low in a resource (rss). A good way to fix this problem is to create an alliance bank.

What is an alliance bank?


In the simplest of terms, you send the bank rss and then ask for it back when you need it. In detail it’s a main or secondary account, of someone already in the alliance, that holds the rss of the alliance. How it’s run is up to the alliance or the player(s) running it. So I will outline the common ground first.



It holds the excess rss you have so you can keep producing.

It protects the rss if you or your alliance can’t shield 24/7 or doing a war event to protect rss.

Especially helpful if you want to complete an extreme event or any other event and require lots of rss.

Will hold food if you have a negative food production.

Subconsciously it also makes an alliance more unified (in my opinion).

Cons (You didn’t think this was going to be a walk in the park did you?)


Requires dedication and active participants.

You won’t get back what you put in due to the taxes (especially if the bank is not a high level).

Not effective for alliances without a hive.

Needs to be shielded 24/7 (hard in small or low spending alliances).

The banker needs to be trustworthy.

Makes leaving the alliance a problem sometimes.

Could be subject to sabotage if run by multiple people. Consequently, if run by one person, you might not be on when the banker is.

And lastly it can be a pretty boring and taxing job.

Note: There is no “true” way to run the bank. So I will show one way I have heard how to run it and then show my way.

The Basic Bank Set up


Only build one of the necessities. Meaning you don’t need the War Room, Prison, Embassy, or Death Row AT ALL. The point of this is that you want to level as fast as possible. This is because you want to make the Trading Post’s tax as low as possible to prevent unnecessary rss loss with transfers.

You should have NO TROOPS AT ALL. The only exception is if you do large coin transfers, you should have a few troops to do a bounty transfer. I will explain in another post what that is. The only research should be Construction and Deployment Speed (the latter is not really necessary).

The bank can be run by multiple people, to allow 24/7 access, or one person to prevent confusion or sabotage. However, there is usually one person in charge of keeping track of who puts what in, like an accountant of sorts.

The bank should be placed in the center of the hive to provide the optimal speed to players and vice versa.

Optimally the bank is gifted shields and/or gets enough gold from gifts. Originally, the banker was gifted 1 day shields by 30 spenders. However, it is smarter to just gift 3 day shields. It’s cheaper over time and the banker does not have to worry as much about the shield.

This is the fairest way by far, as you get what you put in, and the most basic and fastest setup. It might not be as effective if you have your only account with a hyper farm setup.

My Alliance Bank


My setup is a little different from the basic setup. Also, I run it and it is my only account. I will give the similarities to the basic setup first.



I leveled as fast as possible following the basic setup: Only building one of the necessities. Meaning I don’t have the War Room, Prison, Embassy, or Death Row AT ALL.

Any shields I receive I ask for in three day shields. I am considered the center of the hive. I also positioned myself at easy to remember coordinates. Those are the only similar things. Everything else is done differently.



I don’t keep track of who gives me what. That’s because I keep track of who gives me something. One might think this is unfair. But what is the point of the alliance if you’re not going to work together?

Also it’s just another version of asking for rss on alliance chat and receiving it. However, I do keep track on who asks me for what over time. Meaning I probably won’t give you 20 million rss a day for a week because you “need” it.

I send out emails updating the alliance of what I have (taxes are taken into consideration) and what I am low on. I usually send them out right before we have a war. It is also recommended that you send tips on sending rss. An example is if people have negative food productions, they should send any extra food so the troops don’t eat it.

I have lots of T1 artillery troops. But I never have more than I can support as I always need a positive food production. The point of the troops is to help offset the taxes. One full march can get 1.6 million rss, which about equals the taxes to 6 transfers.

Also, I do some research but it is focused on the commander tree and economics tree. This way, I can hit rebels and collect more rss with less troops.

The last thing I usually do is ask for the B.O.O.T. title, which grants a 20% deployment speed, and making myself available on the Line app, for offline requests.



You don’t have follow any of these guidelines at all. How you set it up is based on the alliances need and your own preferences. The biggest thing about a bank is it doesn’t matter what information you give out because you should always be shielded.