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Website News:    January 2017


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Staff Articles

Normal Traps Vs Advanced Traps


Barriers are the entry level advanced traps, comparable to sand bags. They do exactly the same damage and have the same defense. The only difference is they use the advanced trap boosts, whereas sandbags use the normal trap boosts.


For all other tiers the advanced version is always stronger than the normal version. Even taking into account their increased weakness to other troops, overall the extra damage means they will always outperform regular traps.


The reason for this is similar to the reason it is normally better to attack with a single troop type, than a balanced army. That’s because stacking single attack stats usually wins over a lower defense/attack boost across the board.


You should therefore always build the advanced trap version (once unlocked). Try to concentrate on the advanced wall traps that you have the highest boosts for.


Note: Whilst advanced traps are better than regular traps, the benefit is not high enough to start destroying your old traps to make room for advanced. Wait until your regular traps have been destroyed, before replacing.


Also remember that until you have maxed out Advanced Trap Attack and Advanced Trap Defense research, your regular wall traps will probably be stronger.




Advanced traps are a nice addition to Mobile Strike and are particularly useful in trap accounts. However, in the later game traps become less useful, due to the limit on the number you can build.


I wouldn’t mind betting that now advanced traps have been released, advanced troops are probably just around the corner!