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Website News:    January 2017


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Staff Articles

How to send Coins without any taxes


This is probably one of the few “cheats” in Mobile Strike. It allows you to transfer coin without the taxes taking any effect. To do this you need to be at least stronghold level 10, an outside player with a prison and the person who needs the coin(the buyer let’s say). This needs to be fast. This is particularly set up for banks so they don’t lose their shields.

Bounty Transfer Step by step Instructions Have all three accounts teleport to a specific place.


2) Send out your commander and one troop (Tier 1) to a nearby tile (encampment).


3) Have the outside player with the prison attack the tile with 3 to 10 troops (tier 1). When he/she wins, the commander will be captured and held on that tile, NOT IN THE PLAYER’S BASE. There will be no sign that the commander is captured on that tile but it is there. Make sure that outside player does not call their forces home as that will make the commander held in the player’s base.


4) Set the bounty at the agreed amount.


5) Have the buyer now hit the tile with a full march. This releases the commander and transfers the coin to him.


And that’s it. Try to keep everything in a secure chat or pm so no one comes in to steal the coin.

Key Points


The players should be trustworthy. If the outside player sends a full march and you set the bounty there is the possibility you can lose the silver if they call their troops home.


If you are getting paid (in speedups or such), make sure the player has the gifting ability and knows what they are giving you. This should have been worked out before hand.


Also one other point. If you set a bounty on your commander and no one releases it by defeating the player, then you lose the coin. The holder doesn’t get it either, even if they execute the commander. So I recommend not setting a bounty unless it’s planned.