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Website News:

Website News:    January 2017


Important Forum Update:


  • User Accounts have been migrated to forums
  • All VIPs have been assigned appropriate VIP Rank
  • Updated Staff Listings and Functionality.
  • Updated Forum Features.



Seeking Volunteers

  Volunteer Positions :

 - Assistant Webmaster/Web Design

 - Content Author & Editor

 - Forum Moderators 


Apply by Clicking Here:





Staff Articles

Alliance Store


Remember how you wanted that one thing in the alliance store and there were none? Then you had to find an R4/5 and ask them to re-stock. Pretty annoying, huh? Why can't the stuff just be there? What you may not realize is that YOU play an important role in keeping the alliance store stocked!


What? How do I do that? The alliance uses funds gained from members completing alliance and VIP missions to purchase stock for the store. The more missions you complete, the more funds we will have and the more loyalty you will have. So stay on top of those missions and keep those funds coming in so we can make sure what you need is there when you need it!


Also, if you use the alliance or VIP chance, complete all of your missions first and then use the chance - it will give you another whole set of missions which means more loyalty and more funds!! Who knew?!?


As always, please see a member of the leadership team or comment below with any questions!


Family first. Family forever. 👊🏼